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About Us

At Livekeeping we believe that is necessary to empower all businessman with useful data which can be gained from Tally. Our goal is to develop new applications and methods to simplify accounting in this new digital world.


Who we are?

We are a dedicated team of innovators and engineers, who recognise the need to transfer useful accounting data across multiple platforms. We have mastered tally and have recognised digital pathways to securely transfer its data across platforms.

Our first product is a mobile application that will digitally enable you to view your entire tally accounting data. This application will provide all useful insights of your business with the help of tally, This quantitative data will enable you to make smarter decisions.


What we do?

Over 18L Tally users don’t have all-time access to their accounting data, We aim to solve this problem, go a step further, and let users manage their Tally for their mobile phone. We allow businesses to view, create, share & analyze business entries. Our mobile application will enable businessmen to efficiently utilise their precious time and resources.


We believe in continously developing new features and designs, to ensure we are changing with changing needs of the customers


We recognise the need to be able to use tally ERP9 across multiple different platforms, we want to help ease integrations to all platforms for everybody.


We keep security as our top priority. We ensure secure transfer and access of important accounting data for you.

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Meet the founder

“Building digital resources
for greater impact”

Ritesh Kothari

CEO, Livekeeping

Having developed various accounting applications for businesses, I recognized the need to digitise Tally and empower users with simplified Data. Bookkeeping and accounting can be used and analyzed in various ways to gain business insights, by making tools to access and analyze those business data, businesses can unlock new doors to growth.